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S&P 500 investing returns and earnings, a year after the market crashed

Investors are still buying stocks at record highs.

That’s because investors have been making big bets on stocks.

That means there are still plenty of opportunities for investors to profit.

The stock market has also grown significantly.

And now, as investors have taken a look at the S&aprts earnings and profit figures, they may be even more impressed.

The S&p, +0.01% has been growing at an average annual rate of about 2%, according to Bloomberg data.

Thats about half of the 1.5% increase from the end of 2015 to the end to March.

And the gains are coming despite a slowdown in oil prices, which are expected to rebound to a level not seen since 2008.

In addition, the S &p 500 index is up 2.6% from the year before, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up almost 2% and the S.&amp.

P. stock index up more than 2%.

Investors are also buying bonds, stocks and other investments, and are also putting money into more risky assets, such as real estate.

Investors have also made big bets, including on stocks like Exxon Mobil Corp., or Exxon, which has been outperforming its peers in recent months.

In the latest quarter, Exxon’s stock rose nearly 2%, as it is expected to deliver its first-quarter profit in six years.

Investors are betting that the oil and gas giant will be able to survive the global economic downturn.

“The oil price rebound has been incredibly volatile,” said Scott Dickson, managing director at Morningstar.

“We expect Exxon to beat that.”

Investors are also taking a closer look at stocks like Tesla Inc., which has struggled in recent years.

In March, the electric-car maker said it would add 1,000 jobs to its U.S. production capacity in 2019.

Tesla’s stock is up more the past year, rising almost 3%.

Tesla also plans to hire 1,600 people, a significant expansion from its recent plans to cut jobs by 25% to 50%.

The S &aprsts earnings were also better than expectations.

Analysts said the company earned $1.35 billion in the quarter ended March 31.

The stock rose 6.5%, or $1,068 per share, to $37.75.

The S&op 500 gained 6.7%, or just over $1 billion, to 2,831.53.