How to invest in stocks with an impressive history

An investing strategy that’s been around for decades has been proven to be the best way to invest your money, according to the latest research from the Lad Bible.

In an article for The Lad bible, author Daniel P. Lehner found that when you combine a stock portfolio with a diversified index fund, you can invest at the highest returns possible for as little as $100 a year.

That’s right: just $100 per year.

“This is a way to build wealth at the expense of the cost of living,” Lehner told Business Insider.

And if you invest in high-quality stocks like Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B), Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA), and Amazon (AMZN), you’ll get huge returns, even after inflation.

That makes a stock index fund the ideal way to diversify your investments in a way that will also allow you to enjoy a great retirement.

Here are 10 stocks that have made it to the top of our investing list.


Berkshire Hathway Berkshire Hathown (BRKB) was founded in 1896 by J. Paul Getty and Henry Warren, two of the world’s richest men, who sold their share of the company to Berkshire in 1954 for $4.5 billion.

By investing in stocks, you get to see the company’s earnings, as well as the performance of other companies in the industry.

“For every dollar that you invest into a stock, you are making a contribution to its overall value,” said Lehner.

“By owning a stock you are also supporting the stockholders in other industries, and also supporting your country.”

Berkshire Hathaw owns more than $2 trillion worth of assets and has a market cap of $25.5 trillion.

The company has been growing faster than the S&P 500 for years, and it’s been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the financial crisis.

That, coupled with the company being profitable, has allowed the company and its executives to maintain a hefty compensation package.

“When you buy a stock that you expect to outperform and the stock doesn’t, you’re better off investing in something that is more consistent,” Leher said.


Tesla Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is a California-based electric car maker that’s a leader in electric vehicle technology.

The electric car company makes its own battery packs that are used to power the cars.

Leher also mentioned Tesla’s recent earnings, which were $1.6 billion, up a whopping 33% from last year.

Tesla is one of a number of companies that have been able to make big gains after taking a huge hit from the financial downturn.

For example, the electric car market exploded last year, and the company posted record profits last year and this year.

It’s no secret that investors love companies that are able to drive the value of their stocks high.

In this case, Lehner said that Tesla was a good example.

“Tesla is one stock that has seen a massive growth in the past couple of years and is now a $5 trillion market cap company,” he said.

“It’s a great example of a stock in which you can see the upside potential in a stock.”


Apple Apple (NASdaq: AAPL) is one the fastest-growing tech companies in history.

It has grown to $72 billion in revenue and a market capitalization of more than US$150 trillion.

As of last year it was worth more than twice as much as Google.

It is the most valuable company in the world, according the research firm FactSet, which also says that Apple is a “safe” investment.

In fact, there’s a reason that it’s the best stock to buy in this market right now.

“You’re getting a lot of value for your money,” said Daniel Pizzo, an investor at investment firm Cravath, Swaine & Schaffner.

“Apple has done everything that it needs to do to grow and continue to grow.”


Tesla Motors Tesla Motors (NAS) was created in the late 1960s by Bill Gates, a Microsoft (MSFT) founder and inventor.

The firm has been around since the early 1980s, and was valued at $5.3 billion when it was founded.

“The Tesla brand is synonymous with innovation and a bold vision for the future,” said James M. Lawler, CEO of Tesla Motors.

“Our team’s vision is to make a world where the automobile becomes an everyday, practical way to move about our city and our world.”

Tesla is the company behind the Tesla Model S electric car, which is the best-selling electric car in the U.S. right now, according DataDirect.

The car was introduced last year for $70,000 and is available in more than 25 countries.

The Model S is currently being sold in more locations than ever before, with Tesla currently having more than 3,000 cars on its roads.

It was launched in


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