The best investing apps for Australians

Australian investors should consider the best investment apps available on iOS and Android to keep up with the current trends in the markets.

In the latest edition of the best investing app survey, the research arm of the News Corp Australian Business publication, theScore revealed the top apps for Australia’s investors and the top 10 best investing platforms.

It was a fascinating, eye-opening exercise and we found that it’s the same for investors in Australia as it is in the rest of the world.

The top 10 app categories include:Investment strategiesInvestment productsInvestment advisory and adviceInvestment fundsInvestment software and platformsInvestment tools and calculatorsThere are a host of other categories that are worth considering, but it’s important to recognise that there’s a wide range of investing apps available in Australia and there’s an app for every type of investor.

In terms of overall rankings, the top performing apps in Australia were Vanguard Total Return Advisor (VRA) and the Vanguard PIVX.

This is a high performing, well-regarded ETF.

The other top performing investments included:GTM Finance’s (GF) CashFlowX (CFX) and UBS PIVZ (PPZ) – both of which have a high profile and a large audience.GFX is a broad-based ETF that tracks the value of the cash market over the past year.

It tracks both fixed and floating rates and it has a low spread between stocks and bonds.GF has a large base of portfolio managers, with more than 4,000 actively managed portfolios.GF is a market-cap weighted ETF that measures the total market capitalisation of the ETF, and uses a weighted average to adjust for market variations.GF shares are managed by a diverse group of advisers, and the fund itself is a diversified portfolio of equities and bonds with exposure to a wide variety of sectors, including real estate and manufacturing.GF also tracks a number of investment products such as cash flow instruments and credit ratings.

GFX has a high market cap value of $4.3 billion, with a $0.15 share price.GF offers an extensive range of investments, including fixed-rate options, fixed-income products, fixed income ETFs and ETFs with diversified portfolios.

GF offers a range of investment tools, including financial planning, market-based options and credit rating and portfolio management tools.GF manages more than $200 million in cash and has a portfolio of assets that covers over $4 billion in assets.GF provides a broad range of product types, from fund management to investment advisory.GF does not offer a fully-featured investment portfolio for both the equity and bond markets.GF supports all asset classes including cash and short-term investments, as well as other asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate.GF invests in a broad portfolio of diverse asset classes, including equity and short term investments, equity and fixed-term investment products, bond and short maturity securities, real estate investment products and ETF portfolios.

The bottom five apps in terms of best investment platform rankings are:Vanguard Total Return Advisors (VTA) and Vanguard PivX – both Vanguard Total return Advisors and Vanguard’s portfolio manager.

The Vanguard PivotX is Vanguard’s own investment platform.

It is a fully integrated portfolio of investment strategies.

The Pivx is a comprehensive investment tool for Australians, covering more than 1,000 products.

The Piv, along with Vanguard, are a key asset class for the Australian economy.

Piv is a portfolio manager for all asset types, including stocks, bond, bonds, real property and other investment products.

The most popular portfolio type is a fixed-return fund.

This includes bonds, stocks, cash, real-estate and equities.

The two most popular asset classes in Australia are fixed-wage and fixed income.

The best investing platform for Australians can be found on iOS, Android and both iOS and Google’s Play Store.

TheScore is not a financial advice company and we do not provide financial advice.

We only recommend the information we have and our rating is a combination of risk and reward.

The investment performance of all investment funds depends on many factors including market performance, risk tolerance, suitability for a particular investment purpose and other factors.

Investment managers can choose to offer the most competitive, efficient and risk-free investment packages, and they can also choose to provide a wider range of products and services.

If you are planning on investing in Australia, it’s a good idea to get advice from an investment adviser or investment product manager.

If you have any questions about investing or investing products, we would be delighted to help you.

For more information on the latest investment trends in Australia or to learn more about investing, check out the best apps for investors or the best investments apps for the market.