Investment meme: Ed Jones is investing in a meme about the rise of the tech industry

Investing in a new meme that uses stock photos to illustrate the rise and fall of an investment company?

We think you’ll like this one.

The “I’m going to invest in Ed Jones” meme has already been around for a few months, and it has gotten a lot of traction, gaining nearly 2 million likes and nearly 4 million retweets.

But this one is much more than a meme, it’s a real investment idea.

For a start, the company is in an interesting position.

Unlike the typical tech investment company, it is not owned by a major tech player.

Rather, it owns a group of smaller companies called “advisers,” which it uses to help with certain aspects of the business, including its investment decisions.

Ed Jones’s advisor group has been around since the early 2000s, and has grown to include venture capitalists and other industry experts.

But it’s also managed to stay true to its roots.

It’s got the same name, same name products, same company, and most importantly, the same investment philosophy.

It doesn’t try to replicate Silicon Valley, or try to do something completely new, and instead focuses on the fundamentals of investing, such as cost-effective return on capital and long-term growth.

That’s why the company’s advisors are known as “advisors” rather than “investors.”

The name is meant to distinguish it from other Silicon Valley investment firms that use stock photos, but also from other companies that invest in new memes, such, Pinterest.

“The thing about memes is they’re not necessarily very original,” said David J. Schilling, a professor of media studies at UC Irvine and author of The Meme Economy: The Evolution of Digital Culture and the Internet.

“It’s all about imitation.”

“It sounds like a great name,” said Sarah Cramer, an associate professor of marketing at UC Davis.

But, she added, it can be a tricky way to identify a meme.

“You can’t tell them apart from other memes that are going around, and that you know,” she said.

“A meme is not a very good metric to judge a company, but it’s really useful when it comes to branding.”

The company is currently trying to get people to see it as an investment, but that’s a hard sell.

It hasn’t really done a great job of marketing the meme in the past.

“I don’t know how we would be successful,” Schilling said.

But there’s a better way to market it.

In December, the investment company announced that it was selling off its portfolio.

That was a big deal.

The company’s investment adviser group has a good reputation, and people who have followed the company for a while might remember how it started out, with a small team and no real product.

But that didn’t stop the company from growing to become one of the most successful companies in the world.

The meme meme is a phenomenon.

In its most basic form, it captures the essence of a stock photo, a stock image that represents an asset or company in a way that resembles real money.

“Stock photos can be quite useful for investors, as they capture the underlying values of a company and how the company will perform,” Schill said.

So it makes sense for Ed Jones to be involved in the meme, and also that it’s not a bad idea to have an adviser group that’s trying to replicate the market and understand what it takes to succeed.

But the company also has a lot to say about how to use memes to tell investors about its business.

“What we’ve learned over the years is that the market is not the place where memes come from,” Schilled said.

Instead, the memes have to be told from the perspective of someone who’s actually involved in making them, like an advisor.

“When you have a meme being made, you need to be a bit more careful about who you’re getting a representation from,” he said.

That means a meme can only be made by a company that is involved in real money investing, or that is part of a group that does a lot more than just make memes.

“There’s not one-size-fits-all,” Schiller said.

The memes that Ed Jones makes are not all created by its advisors, and some are actually made by its competitors.

“In the past, a lot has been made out of the fact that the memes are created by companies that are in a different space than Ed Jones, but this is an entirely different story,” Schills said.

Ed Jones, which is based in San Francisco, is owned by investment group EDJ Investments.

It is a public company that focuses on creating products and services that support technology innovation, said a statement on the company website.

“Our advisors are diverse, and we work closely with a diverse group of advisors to provide a diverse range of expertise and expertise across all of our portfolios.” That