Which NFL players are putting their money where their mouth is?

The NFL Players Association said Monday that it is taking action to ensure that players will be paid in accordance with the union’s collective bargaining agreement.

The league has been working with the NFLPA on the issue, but now the union says the process is underway and players will have a say in how the money is spent.

The issue is expected to be discussed at a meeting in Las Vegas next week.

The union has been urging players to contribute to the NFL’s pension fund since the 2010 lockout, and the league has pledged to match the contributions.

But it’s been a contentious issue for the league and union, with the sides locked in a protracted court battle over the issue.

The players’ union wants to increase the salary cap and raise the salary threshold to allow more players to make more money.

The NFLPA has argued that it would be better for players to be paid on an hourly basis than on a per-play basis, and that the salary-cap increase would help keep players competitive.

The two sides are currently locked in arbitration, with a decision expected next month.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said the union is working on a proposal to increase player contributions.

The collective bargaining process is an important part of the NFL.

The goal is to achieve a union-driven solution that will benefit players and the franchise, Smith said in a statement.

“The union is continuing to explore all options to ensure we are getting our collective bargaining right,” he added.

“We will continue to work with our members and stakeholders to reach an agreement that benefits the players and our fans.

We look forward to a resolution soon.”

The union also said it is working with lawmakers to provide a path to the salary increase.

The salary cap is set at $147 million, and it is expected the league will increase the threshold from $70 million to $90 million in 2018.

If the league does that, the threshold could rise to $105 million in 2019, and then to $110 million in 2020.

A salary cap increase would increase the amount of money players can earn per season from $5,000 to $10,000.

The increase would also bring the cap to $143 million, but that would be in effect until 2020, when the cap is raised to $154 million.

The current salary cap sits at $150 million.


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