How to find a suitable investment fund to help you build wealth

More than a million Australians are facing a housing affordability crisis as the cost of buying a home continues to rise.

With home prices set to double over the next five years, and rents set to triple, many are now facing the prospect of being forced into a property purchase debt trap.

But what can you do if you want to get ahead of the game?

Here are five ways to invest in the Australian housing market:Investing in housing is a great way to get started.

There are two main ways to start investing in a house, and both involve the same investment strategy: 1.

You can buy your own house 2.

You could buy a property that you already own.

While it is possible to buy a house yourself, this is not an option for most Australians.

In order to get into the property market, you will need to get your first mortgage approved, and a home purchase certificate.

A house is considered to be a home when it is situated in an area with high quality public transport, is well maintained and has access to adequate water and sewerage facilities.

The cost of a house typically starts at around $1 million, but depending on where you live and the types of properties you own, you may be able to get more.

If you already have a home you could also be able use it to buy your first home, but it will cost more.

This means you are looking to buy the house you already owned.

To do this, you can either: Use your home as collateral to get a mortgage, or you can get a deed for a home by buying a property.

Buy the home yourselfIf you have not yet bought a house you could use the same approach as above to get in the housing market, but this time you will also need to apply for a deed to acquire a property by buying the property.

You will need a deed from your local council to obtain this.

Get a mortgageOnce you have obtained a mortgage from your council, you should apply for an Australian Government Guaranteed Mortgage.

Once you apply for this mortgage, you are guaranteed to be repaid at least 50 per cent of the loan, which will be a minimum of 30 years from the date you receive your mortgage.

This means that you should not have to worry about paying off the loan at any point in time, but you should ensure that you pay off your mortgage early if you do.

After you have secured the loan you should take steps to pay it off as soon as possible.

This could include:Getting a mortgage for a house in your own nameIf you are already living in a property you will be eligible for an early payment guarantee if you pay the first year’s mortgage off before you leave the property for a period of less than 12 months.

If you do not have a mortgage you can apply to get an Early Payment Guarantee from your bank.

You will need:The first year of your mortgage has to be paid off before your loan can be paid back.

If your mortgage is not already being repaid on time, you could apply to the State and Territory government to extend your loan for an additional period of 12 months, which would cost around $30,000.

This would help you pay down the loan faster.

If a property is not currently being used for rental, you would be eligible to apply to your bank for an Early Payments Guarantee.

The interest rate for an Aussie Government Guarantee is set by the Federal Government.

It is worth noting that if you are eligible for the Early Payments guarantee, it will be charged at a higher interest rate than if you were not eligible.

Buying a property without a mortgageIf you want more options to invest, you might also consider investing in property through a mutual fund or bond.

When you buy a home, you need to choose a mutual funds.

Depending on the fund, you pay an upfront deposit into it and receive a fixed annual return, usually around 5 per cent.

However, this interest rate is set according to a set formula.

Some mutual funds allow you to buy shares, but there are also some mutual funds that allow you buy shares directly from a company.

This can be a great option for people who are not familiar with the Australian stock market.

For example, there is a mutualfund that has a stock market index.

If you are interested in buying shares in this fund, there are three options: Option 1: Put your money in a share index fund.

Option 2: Buy the company directly.

Or, you and the company can both buy shares.

Alternatively, you or the company may buy shares in an index fund, but the fund’s returns are not guaranteed.

Another mutual fund that is well suited to this type of investment is the Bond Index Fund.

This is a stock fund that has been managed by the Australian Government.

You invest in bonds and you


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