How the Internet of Things could change the way we buy and sell cars and cars for the Internet

A new breed of connected cars is about to hit the market.

But there’s a catch.

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The new car companies have been quietly raising money from Silicon Valley venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Benson, and the company behind Google Glass is also raising money in this way, according to multiple people familiar with the deal.

This is not the first time the two companies have gone to the same venture capital firm to raise capital.

Earlier this year, Google’s cofounder and CEO, Larry Page, raised $500 million in venture funding from Sequoia Capital, Andreessen and Sequoias’ VC arm, Andrej Babis, among others.

In a blog post announcing the deal, Babis said the pair had been working on this venture capital round for “a year and a half.”

The financing comes after a $1 billion investment by the Google Ventures Fund, the venture capital arm of Google parent company Alphabet, which is also known as Alphabet Inc.

The company announced the deal at a tech conference in San Francisco, where it announced it had raised $300 million in Series B funding.

The new round comes just days after Alphabet also raised $50 million from Sequosy Capital.

Google Glass, a connected eyewear device that uses an image sensor to see and respond to your voice, has received much of the attention.

The technology was developed by the team at Glass, Google and the Japanese technology company Sharp.

It was created by Google Glass designer John Denton and uses a camera embedded into the headpiece to capture an image of the wearer’s eyes.

Google Glass works with the Google Glass app to take photos and video and turn them into an augmented reality experience.

Google has a partnership with a number of hardware makers to make Glass, which was initially released in 2014.

Glass also makes a smartphone app, which allows you to interact with Glass, and is available for Android phones and tablets.

Google and Sharp are now working on a competing smartphone app called Glass Pro.

The two new funding rounds were announced just days before the start of CES, a consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

The company said that more than 1,300 of its Glass customers will be at CES in Las, but that the company had not announced specific numbers.

“We will continue to be focused on making Glass more accessible, including in the coming months,” Google said in a statement.

“We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with companies that can help us bring Glass to market.”

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